75 minutes

YogARRE® is a 75 minute body sculpting class where students will perform a power yoga series combined with the barre technique for an intense, full body burn that is guaranteed to make you sweat! This hybrid class (taught by both Tina and Nina) will build heat as students are led through an empowering journey of muscle awakening, posture correcting, alignment-focused exercises both on the mat and at the barre. Trademarked and exclusively offered by Big Buddha Yoga and Barre.

Yoga/Barre experience recommended.


Big Buddha Bliss Vinyasa

60 minutes

Big Buddha Bliss Vinyasa classes offer a practice where poses, asanas and core work move seamlessly from one posture to the next.  Classes build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength while always bringing mindfulness to the breath.  Students will work towards peak poses while being guided and encouraged to explore postures in a way that is suitable to their own skill-set and comfort level.  

All levels welcome.


Big Buddha Barre

60 minutes

Big Buddha Barre classes incorporate the elements of Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, and athletic conditioning that consist of high energy/low impact exercises. Students can expect a total body workout that utilizes light dumbbells and the ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements to burn fat, sculpt muscles and create long, lean physiques. 

Gripper socks required.


Restore & Stretch

60 minutes

Restore & Stretch classes are devoted to the art of self-care. Students will center their breath and body by aligning physical movements and mental stillness with deep stretches and breathing techniques. Props will be used to assist in helping students hold positions for extended periods of time. These classes will promote mindfulness and self-awareness.

All levels welcome.


Kid's Yoga & Mindful Meditation

45 minutes

Kid's Yoga & Mindful Meditation incorporates Yoga, Metta meditation (loving-kindness), and gratitude-themed activities.  Children will be led through breathing and visualization techniques that teach focus, relaxation and self-control as well as promote inner-strength, confidence and self-esteem.

*Please note, this class will resume in Fall 2018


Big Buddha Beginner Yoga

60 minutes

Big Buddha Beginner Yoga is an introductory level yoga class. Students will combine postures, breathing and meditation in a slow-paced, well-supported, relaxing practice. Postures will be approached in gradual steps, with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition. Big Buddha Beginner Yoga classes encourage a highly-individualized approach to practice yoga with on-going encouragement and moment-to-moment adjustments.

All levels welcome.