Tina Catanzaro - Co-founder

Tina Catanzaro — Co-Founder

Tina is a sensitive, creative and earth-conscious spirit by nature. Aside from being a sculptress and fine-jewelry maker, her passion and lifelong commitment to good health, exercise and “your body is your temple” mindset is what made fitness certifications become her livelihood. When she found Yoga after a decade of teaching spinning and aerobics, it was like coming home.

Years after receiving her Iyengar Yoga certification through Allison West, Tina continues to explore and deepen her yoga practice while evolving with the wants and needs of her students.

Her teaching style is a mixture of vigorous vinyasa flow with a strong emphasis on breath, alignment and chakra awakening. Through a variety of poses and mindful sequencing, Tina’s classes and workshops will build strength, flexibility, and balance through stability; her teachings provide the space to discover the truth in transformation and the sense of lightness you're looking for in your practice.

Nina Conway - Co-founder

Nina Conway — Co-Founder

With a background in classical Ballet, Cheerleading and Gymnastics, Nina’s approach to Barre is one that honors the need for an exhilarating, full body workout that is low-impact on the body nonetheless high energy.

In addition to being a certified Barre instructor, Nina has been practicing Yoga since 2006 and has started her apprenticeship under Tina through Big Buddha Yoga. After having her son in the summer of 2015, Nina has learned the importance of keeping active pre and post pregnancy which inspired her newest attained certification in Pre-Natal Barre.

Her classes combine the elements of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates while adding her own twist to keep it unique and fresh for her regular student base. Nina’s outgoing, light-hearted personality allows her to share her passion of letting it all go at the barre to help her students fall in love with health and fitness just like she has.

Amy Towle | Yoga Teacher

Amy Towle — Yoga Instructor

An athlete and a runner, Amy’s yoga journey began when her sister-in-law encouraged her to try a class. Active throughout her entire life, Amy lost interest in the typical gym workout and was looking for something more. She became hooked to yoga after her first class and it immediately became part of her daily routine. Her love for the practice led her to pursue her 200 hour teacher training in NYC. Amy loves to watch new students fall in love with the practice just as she has, and truly believes in the balance between effort and ease.

Danielle Dennis — Barre Instructor

Danielle Dennis — Barre Instructor

This dancer since childhood has always enjoyed all aspects of dance. A Special Education teacher by day, Danielle found barre classes as an outlet post-work. As time passed, she knew she wanted to take it to the next level and soon became a barre instructor to encourage others the way her instructors encouraged her. Her weightlifting and boxing training helped create the type of class she teaches now; a combination of barre, cardio and strength training. Danielle’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious and her love to inspire others is evident the minute you meet her.